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2 years ago

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My name is Carla, I am the mother of 19, only with a girl and a concert at the boyfriend who is a bit of Pratt, which is a few years older than me, was my first and I was wondering how you feel another cock me for a while, I'm blonde duck in very good condition with no stretch marks, which was last Saturday is not planned and I still feel a little guilty, though I still wet happened, were in the shops in town and wanted do well in the pub told me it was only a short time later an hour passed and I had to choose, how they want to go home when I saw him was with a greater husband, David Lay, and after a few whispered words that left him and went home later hour came with his new friend, he was 56 years old, no sales people at a hotel in the yantasy city next week bad for an older man i, we wanted to drink tea, and David went out and got some wine and beer and a DVD, and all wore on the night david was payment for my lot and I attenchion flatered Brian Pratt was very good of him and had his face in his cusion slept with me David Sittig dressed only in a nightgown and a pair of white panties short, I was surprised when he asked not a loan, and gave me a kiss that was taken way back and respond yantasy when Brian was in the same room that I can not be said, he responded with sliping his hand on my leg and gave me a pat on my underwearOh God, I was so hot, I met with my legs yantasy open to allow access to my Pussie bighting heard that I can not let me say, we said, lets fuck, I was very, I cried a few times brian no movement in him a shoe no noise came to me on the floor in front of the sofa, legs spread and yantasy Brian yantasy pulled his tail panties pulled me aside and slid into me, the shit was great and hard, so here I was lying in front of my friend 's father for my child to sleep with this old man three times yantasy my age gives me the AMSyou deserve, and it was so good was my boyfriend a couple of times how hard an erection is maintained and really hard i never was recognized by his drinking, at least I had my upper lip bighting when yantasy I came and came yantasy I realized to expedite the work, and new which was not far from him to shoot cum, no no no, I whispered cum n now I 'm not taking the pill too late that they took him grunting and pushing tool injection until it stops, once done I felt ashamed and puled imiditly me, so I grunted Brian got up and sat on the TOURAINE chiar as he turned and smiled at me, what could be done at eleven conplain me not CACE is after what I had to go to bed, told me Mm, which may remain David said yip have not said where there is a small flat in bed in the room is directly related to yantasy the living room so no trip to the bathroom all I wanted was to curl up and sleep shame I went to bed and new Brian wanted sex, I asked, but he got a condom and put me in the back and got into myWet Pussie do a few minutes, the sperm is placed full jonny and fell asleep, the next morning, while Brian went for bread and newspapers that I did with yantasy David back on the bed naked back of another fucking Cunnie completely, and as i was frying bacon, I could feel his cum leaking down my legs still wonder why, that's yantasy what decieded never again, but David went back to his hotel and I was here on Monday with David back in my bed, never occurred to me that brought down my throte execpt something never done before that date for all Monday afternoon, twice the Sea then married in his car Thursday in the bed with him cuming in me every time I was not a day this week I had a pussy full of seeds davids Bount i am pregnant again and be cool I worry about David is back home, I would like to see him again and told me again the next month, but I know I need to read this site and see KNW is with him again, so back to me, I need a man not a child an
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